Ten Awesomely Bad NASCAR-Inspired Tattoos, Part Two

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No. 3 – “Prison ink”

Prison tattoos are often recognized as being such given their basic characteristics. Most folks don’t leave prison with elaborate pieces of body art that they got done while serving time. Despite the simple appearance of prison tattoos this also doesn’t mean that such pieces of work are not of a high quality. There have been plenty of cases in which talented artists have given tattoos while serving prison time.

The above tattoo may or may not be a prison tattoo. The above tattoo also may or may not be finished since people sometimes like to give their friends progress reports of how their tattoo is coming along.

If this is a prison tattoo, it’s decent. If it’s truly not done than the color and such could pull it together nicely. If this is complete and wasn’t done in prison than I’m confused as to why someone would want this to be the finished product.

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