Ten Awesomely Bad NASCAR-Inspired Tattoos, Part Two

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No. 1 – “It’s in the details”

Often times things are just cooler in your head as opposed to how it plays out in real life. When it comes to getting a tattoo that is also the case sometimes. Depending on the artist, your idea and how well the two mesh together; the coolest idea in your head can sometimes not translate to anything all that awesome.

When it comes to making those cool ideas work the key is often found in the attention to details. If you asked for a NASCAR tattoo of your favorite drivers car and your favorite paint scheme, the above might make you pretty upset. While the above is clearly Matt Kenseth’s No. 17 Dewalt machine, one might think this is more the speed of a 6th grade art drawing and not a professional tattoo.

We also don’t know what the person wanted. Maybe they wanted a less detailed version of the car in which case I am sure they were happy. However, if they were looking to have something similar to the real thing, this wouldn’t be cutting the mustard for most Kenseth fans.

It also doesn’t helped that he drives the No. 20 machine now.