Ten Awesomely Bad NASCAR-Inspired Tattoos, Part Two

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No. 7 – location, location, location

This tattoo is pretty solid and I’m not referring to the thick black likes that comprise the art work. The numbers look good as do the letters and they also seem to be spaced out and centered appropriately.

The only question is about the location. Why in the world would someone want a tattoo of this size on that part of their back? To be honest that tattoo isn’t even truly centered on their back because if it were it would be a tad bit higher.

A tattoo like this would make sense on the arm or behind the back of the shoulder. This tattoo would also make sense if it were smaller although it still looks good with how big it is. Again, the only confusion here comes from why it was placed in the location that it was and we cannot figure it out. Maybe it’s going to be a part of a bigger piece on his back?

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