Ten Awesomely Bad NASCAR-Inspired Tattoos, Part Two

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No. 6 – “Team Chevy”

This tattoo might not even be a NASCAR tattoo as this person could just have a certain spot in their heart for the Chevy Impala. Maybe the Impala for the first car they bought, maybe it’s where they proposed to their now wife or maybe they just love the Chevy Impala. Regardless of the reason it’s safe to say that some sort of strong feelings resulted in this tattoo.

As far as the ink itself goes, their aren’t really any issues. The outline of the tattoo does more harm than good but most people are either “take it or leave it” when it comes to outlining tattoos.

I suppose the real issue when it comes to this tattoo is the curiosity of why someone would tattoo Chevy Impala on their arm. If this is NASCAR related, why not get your favorite Chevy driver? Or maybe they like all of the Chevy drivers?

The tattoo looks decent but it’s odd in general.