Ten Awesomely Bad NASCAR-Inspired Tattoos, Part Two

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No. 4 – “Chevy Love”

Again, it’s hard to know whether this is a NASCAR tattoo or if this person just has a love for Chevy.

The tattoo isn’t horrible but it is horribly basic. The best part of this tattoo is the flags while the worst part is the Chevy logo. The general shape of the logo is there enough to let anyone who sees it know what it’s supposed to be. That being said, the logo doesn’t look as sharp or crisp as it should. Drawing the Chevy logo shouldn’t be a hard task for any tattoo artist with the slightest bit of skill.

The other issue is the flames. The flames bring down the tattoo because they do nothing to add to the Chevy logo and they are pretty boring themselves. Well done flames could have really helped bring this entire piece together.