NASCAR: Previewing The 2015 Free Agent Class

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

No. 10 Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick made strides in 2014 and she appears to be taking even larger ones in 2015. After six races Patrick’s average finishing position is 19.3 which is the best that she has ever had after the first six races. Patrick’s worst finish of 2014 is 27th place meaning that this is the first time she has gone six races into a season without multiple finishes outside of the top-30. The bottom line here is that she is making progress.

Like a third-year QB in the NFL; Patrick’s third year in NASCAR is crucial. The No. 10 team needs to continue the consistency that they have found thus far this season. While consistency may not be wins it should be top-20 finishes while trying to avoid finishes outside of the top-30. The one thing about Patrick that should be noted is that she is more than a NASCAR driver, she is a brand. As a result of that having her on your team is simply good for business and a smart business move on the part of SHR,

Prediction: Danica Patrick will remain with SHR unless she decides that she wants to run IndyCar which doesn’t seem likely.