NASCAR: Who Had The Best & Worst Week Ever (Martinsville)

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Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Bad Week: Chase Elliott

Replacing any driver with any team is a big deal. Replacing Jeff Gordon at Team Hendrick might be the biggest of deals. While Elliott will not take over the No. 24 machine until next season, Martinsville was his debut in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Elliott’s debut was important as fans wanted to see the youngster race at the top level of the sport. Those who support him wanted to see him do well while those who don’t were hoping that he struggled. Then of course there were fans of Gordon who were curious to see what Elliott could do since they will be looking for a new driver to root for in 2016.

Elliott had all of the fanfare and hype in his corner at Martinsville but they day didn’t go the way that he wanted it to go. In the end it was nice to see him run but the result was a bad week for the driver of the No. 25 machine.