An In-Depth Look At Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Car Graveyard


Everyone collects or has collected something in their lives but few have a collection quite as awesome as NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. does.

NOTE: This article was updated in March of 2016.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. might be the owner of the coolest NASCAR collection known to man. Some avid NASCAR fans collect die-cast models of their favorite cars or purchase hoods and bumpers from NASCAR auction websites. Earnhardt Jr. takes collecting one step further as he collects entire racecars that were actually run by NASCAR drivers in NASCAR events. Well, let me correct myself; Earnhardt Jr. collects what’s left of the racecar as the majority of the cars in his collection are nowhere close to being intact.

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Earnhardt Jr.’s collection has rightfully been named the ‘graveyard’ as it happens to be the final resting place for many torn up cars. While talking with Sporting News last May, Earnhardt Jr. estimated that he has somewhere near 80 cars in his ‘graveyard’ which also happens to be on his property. Earnhardt also made mention as to how and why the collection began.

"I don’t know. I may need to go count. There are sides and noses and hoods hanging up in the trees. There’s all kind of quirky stuff back there.I don’t know why I want them or even why we go get them. When JR Motorsports first started with Pro Cup and Late Model, we’d put so much money into building those cars. When we’d tear them up, I couldn’t see throwing them away or scrapping them so we’d stick them in the woods. So if we have 80 cars now, the first 30 or 40 are JR Motorsports or Late Models or something related to me or my company and we just kept plugging them in there."

Since the interview with Sporting News in 2014 the graveyard has continued to grow. Earnhardt Jr. added one of his wrecked No. 88 National Guard machines to the collection later on in 2014 and earlier this season he added a vintage No. 24 DuPont Chevy that was gifted to him by a local restaurant. As mentioned above a lot of the cars in the graveyard came from JR Motorsports but there are plenty of other ones as well. Some of the other cars in the collection include Will Power’s Indy car, the infamous Jimmie Johnson C-post car that got the No. 48 team in a lot of trouble, the Juan Pablo Montoya car from the jet-dryer incident, several Brad Keselowski machines, the remains of the No. 38 (David Gilliland) and No. 51 (Justin Allgaier) from their Kansas wreck in 2014 and much more.

In 2016 Earnhardt Jr. added a pair of news cars, one belonging to Jimmie Johnson and a truck that was driven by Christopher Bell.

Below you will find a series of photographs of cars from the graveyard collection. The photographs are courtesy of, Sporting News and Earnhardt Jr.’s Twitter feed. You will also find some videos below of a series that Team Chevy produced where they give a behind-the-scenes look at some of the stuff in the graveyard.

If the photos of the cars in the graveyard aren’t enough (and why would they be when there is so much more to see) be sure to watch the video below from the JR Motorsports YouTube page. You can also find videos from a new series that Team Chevy is doing on the graveyard over on their Official Facebook page.

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