NASCAR: Five Teams That Needed To Regroup During Off-Week

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Larson

The off-week might have come at the perfect time for Kyle Larson and the No. 42 team.

Larson missed the race at Martinsville after he collapsed and fainted the day prior during an autograph session. Despite feeling fine the next day, doctors kept Larson in the hospital for several more days just to make sure that he was okay. Following his release from the hospital it would still be another day before he was even cleared to return to racing. Had there been a race this weekend Larson would have been cleared to run it but he would be entering the race coming off of a handful of crazy days.

The time off allows for Larson to have a regular week heading into Texas. I’m not saying that Larson would have surely struggled if he raced this weekend but drivers have been known to be creatures of habit every week. Larson entering a weekend coming off of a normal week is far better than the latter. Moving forward let’s hope that all remains well with Larson as it’s never good news for a driver to have to miss time on the track, especially when it’s health related.