NASCAR: Five Teams That Needed To Regroup During Off-Week

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman only makes this list because of what took place in the form of NASCAR dropping the hammer and penalizing him and his team after it was discovered that the No. 31 team was tampering with their tires. RCR has filed an appeal and it’s still possible that the ruling could be overturned but NASCAR has already said that no date has been set for the appeal to be heard. Should NASCAR overturn the penalties than Newman will once again be in a good spot.

However, if the penalties remain intact Newman will have himself a hole to dig out of.

The initial impact of the suspension will of course be the loss of the 75 points. Aside from that Newman also has to deal with the loss of his crew chief for the next six races. Losing a crew chief is by no means damning for a team but it will certainly be something that Newman will have to overcome. Before the penalties Newman was on a role having four top-10 finishes in six starts. Coming out of the off-week Newman will need to continue that consistency since he now finds himself 26th in the points standings.

NOTE- It was announced after this publishing that the No. 31 penalties would be deferred until after the appeal is heard on April 16.