NASCAR: Who Had The Best & Worst Week Ever (Off-Week)

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The Worst Week Ever: Tyler Andrew Walker

Again, you’re never going to have yourself a good week if part of that week includes being in jail.

Former NASCAR driver Tyler Andrew Walker is having himself the worst week ever after he was sentenced to 90 days in jail. Along with the time in jail he was also fined $1,665 and sentenced to 36 months of probation. The arrest and sentencing all stem from an incident in 2013 when he led police on a high-speed car chase. The result of that chase was Walker being charged with the following: third-degree felony failure to stop at the command of a police officer, third-degree felony possession of a controlled substance, a class B misdemeanor count of driving under the influence, a class B misdemeanor count of possession of paraphernalia and a class C misdemeanor possession of an open container of alcohol in a vehicle -which he pleaded guilty to in December 2014.

Since leaving the sport of NASCAR Walker has found himself in trouble with the law a couple of times. One would have hoped that he would have learned from his mistakes, maybe he needs help or maybe he is just foolish. Which ever way you slice it he certainly isn’t having a good week.