Take 5: Five Talking Points Heading Into Texas

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Take Three: How will Ryan Newman run?

It will be interesting to see how Ryan Newman runs this weekend in Texas as this will be the first time that he has taken to the track since the whole tire tampering debacle. Now, it’s only fair to note that all of the penalties that were doled out to the No. 31 team have been deferred until after the appeal which has been scheduled for April 16.

Even though this is only the seventh race of the season this could be a breaking point for Newman. The last thing that Newman wants to do is come into this race distracted and have a poor finish. A poor finish in Texas would only be further compounded if the penalties are upheld and Newman is without his crew chief for the next six events.

Some drivers thrive in adversity and others fold, Newman will need to thrive is he wants to keep his season on track.