Take 5: Five Talking Points Heading Into Texas

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Take Five: Will the weather be a factor Saturday night?

The weather in the spring race in Texas always seems to be a topic of conversation and that is no different this season. In the last couple of years the weather has impacted the race weekend but it hasn’t always impacted the race itself. That could be what ends up happening this year as well but as always it is going to be a waiting game.

The forecast heading into the weekend looks okay but not great. As of Friday morning there is a 35 percent chance of rain for Saturday night. That 35 percent chance could easily turn into nothing come time for the race or it could allow for the skies to open and fans to be in for a long night.

Over the last few years there have been many that have called for NASCAR to move the spring race further back in the season to avoid rain. In fact, many folks have openly questioned some of NASCAR’s planning when it comes to holding races in areas where rain is common in the spring. In the end though it would seem that NASCAR can only do so much; or at least is only willing to do so much.

If you’re attending the race; prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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