Checkered Countdown: Top-Five Bristol Finishes

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No. 3 Terry Labonte gets wrecked by Dale Earnhardt but wins anyways (1995).

In the final stages of the 1995 Goody’s 500 Terry Labonte had an enormous lead over Dale Earnhardt and seemed to be the only candidate for the win. However Earnhardt was faster and was gaining so much ground that at the white flag he was just a second back from the leader. He was still too far to attempt a pass but when Labonte was slowed down significantly by two lapped cars he decided to try to bump him in turn four. It was his classic aggressive and probably beyond the rules move, but it was also thanks to this “intimidating” racing style he had that he became one of the most popular drivers in NASCAR history. Anyway, Labonte crossed the line sideways and wrecking on the outside wall but in first place and could celebrate in victory lane.