Checkered Countdown: Top-Five Bristol Finishes

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No. 2 Davey Allison wins over Mark Martin in a photo finish (1990).

When it came to really close photo finishes during his career Mark Martin was never lucky enough to be the winner. He lost the 2007 Daytona 500 to Harvick by inches and the same thing had already happened at Bristol in 1990 against Davey Allison. When the white flag waved there were still four drivers battling it out for the win but Sterling Marlin got spun out in turn two. This left just Allison and Martin to settle it out with Martin diving to the bottom of the track in turn four to get side-by-side with Allison. In the drag race that followed the son of the great Bobby Allison edged Martin by just eight inches leaving everybody unsure about who was the winner, including the analysts in the booth.