NASCAR What If: The 2012 Chase Under 2015 Rules

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Final Race – Homestead-Miami Below are how the final-four drivers in the chase ran at Homestead-Miami and how the championship panned out.

  1. Kyle Busch – 4th place
  2. Brad Keselowski – 15th place
  3. Kasey Kahne – 24th place
  4. Jimmie Johnson – 36th place

In this season under the 2015 rules Kyle Busch would have won his first Sprint Cup Series title. The actual champion Keselowski would have finished second with Kahne coming in third. Johnson would have finished in fourth for the second season in a row.  Keep in mind that under this system Johnson would only have one title after the 2012 season as opposed to the 12 that he had in the real world. If NASCAR had dreamed up this current chase system some 10 years ago it would have had an immediate impact on history as every champion from 2004-2012 would have been different with Tony Stewart (2011) being the only one not to change. Be sure to check out the past years by clicking on the links in the first slide. Be on the lookout for the 2011 edition of “NASCAR What If” sometime in the near future.

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