NASCAR: Who Had The Best & Worst Week Ever (Bristol)

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Bad Week – Kurt Busch

With less than 25 laps to go Kurt Busch was leading and Bristol and pulling away from the field. The only thing that could have kept Busch from winning was a caution and we all know what happened with 22 laps left.

This was the second race in 2015 that Busch was leading with less than 25 laps to go and a caution stole away a win.

Despite the late cautions Busch was actually still in play for the win even later in the race. After gambling and pitting Busch was running in the top-five before slamming into Carl Edwards after Edwards got into the wall. The wreck at the end tore up the No. 41 machine and ruined any chance that Busch had of finishing in the top-five.

Knowing that the race is yours to win only to have cautions take it away doesn’t make for a good week.