NASCAR: Who Had The Best & Worst Week Ever (Bristol)

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Worse Week – Brad Keselowski

There is nothing like waiting around for over an hour to race, only to wreck 20 laps into that race.

Brad Keselowski not only wrecked 20 laps into Bristol but he also took out his partner Joey Logano in the process. That right there is enough to make anyone have a bad week. Then, throw in the fact that there were still hours more of delays and Kes knew the entire time that he had a car that would be lucky to finish inside of the top-35 and that is more than enough to spell out a bad week.

The good news for the No. 2 fans is that Keselowski already has a win in his pocket so Bristol didn’t matter too much.

It’s also worth mentioning that earlier in the week Keselowski was more or less called a liar by Kyle Busch. In March Kes wrote a blog about Busch, Busch doesn’t recall things happening the way Kes describes them, either Kes lied or Busch’s memory is lacking. Hopefully better things are coming for the No. 2 driver in Richmond.