NASCAR: 10 Observations After 1/4 Of The Season

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The Grass Hasn’t Been Greener For Carl Edwards

The move to JGR after departing RFR in 2014 was supposed to be a championship-winning move. The move might still result in a championship but for that to happen there is a lot of work that needs to be done by Edwards and the No. 19 team.

Edwards is currently 17th in the point standings which isn’t too bad but he does only have one top-10 finish in the first nine races of the season. Edwards admitted after his first top-10 finish of 2015 (Bristol) that he was pushing a little bit too hard and that he needed to relax. Last weekend in Richmond it might have been hard to relax as Edwards had a car that simply wasn’t very good.

Now, I’m not saying that Edwards regrets leaving RFR. RFR is currently a garbage fire and JGR is anything but that. Two of the four JGR cars have already won this season and there is no reason to believe that Edwards isn’t going to eventually figure things out. The tough part for everyone here is that I don’t think anyone thought the learning curve was going to be this steep.

I still believe that Edwards is going to win this season but in order for that to happen he and his team need to figure out some of their setup problems. Once those are cleared up Edwards should start to see the results on the track.