NASCAR: 10 Observations After 1/4 Of The Season

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It’s Difficult To Watch Tony Stewart In 2015

2015 was supposed to be a great comeback story for Tony Stewart and the No. 14 and it still might be. However, as of right now it’s difficult to watch what is happening with Stewart. In nine races Stewart has finished 30th or worse five times. Some of those bad finishes were not his fault while others have been the result of Stewart seeming lost at times.

Stewart is a three-time NASCAR champion that should have the chance to win every time that he takes the track. Instead Stewart is lost out there, driving around cars with setups that worked years ago but aren’t translating today.

SHR teammates Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch have won and Danica Patrick is running a lot better than she did last season. SHR has the tools and resources to give Stewart good cars so one has to wonder where the disconnect is. Is it the fact that Stewart refuses to run the setups that his teammates are because he doesn’t like the feel of them? Is it more to do with Stewart and everything that he has been through the past couple of seasons?

Regardless of the reason, this isn’t what anyone wanted to see from Stewart in 2015 and now we all just have to hope that as the weathers get warmer Stewart will eventually begin to heat up on the track.