Five Ways Tony Stewart Can Fix His 2015 Season

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Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Dirt Is Calling

Get this man on an empty dirt track and let him tear it up in whatever car and set up he wants to, reinvigorate his love for this sport, why he has been racing since he was a kid.

Get him to remember what drew him in and kept him there.  Not the money.  Not the fans.  Not the chicks.  The car and a track.  Sounds simple but keeping a reminder fresh in his head about the love he has had for this sport since getting behind the wheel of a go kart cannot possibly hurt his chances come Saturday night in Kansas.

Winning on dirt or in another level of racing could carry over to NASCAR. Stewart used to race all of the time and he would win multiple times in a weekend, we know what changed and why he doesn’t. We also know what the result of that has been on his NASCAR career. Stewart’s passion is racing and he needs to be able to do it as much as humanly possible.