NASCAR: Are You Passionate Enough To Lead A Nation?


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The staff here at Beyond The Flag are looking to find some of NASCAR’s biggest fans.

NASCAR has one of the most passionate fanbase of all of the sports here in the United States. Have you been to a NASCAR race lately? It’s hard to describe some of the passion and dedication that NASCAR fans have and display. Just this past weekend in Kansas, NASCAR fans sat through a two hour rain delay and severe weather to see the race end in the wee hours of the night.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that NASCAR fans endured weather and delays for what turned out to be over a 10 hour day and not even that deterred them. In other sports you will see fans walking out in the seventh inning (MLB) or late in the third quarter (NFL).

It’s because of this passion and dedication that we here at Beyond The Flag want to pay homage and respect to some of the sports greatest fans.

How Do I Show My Passion?

If you’re one of the passionate fans that we were talking about above, we want to hear from you. In order to throw your name into the hate to be named one of NASCAR’s greatest fans all you have to do is submit a photo to us here at BTF. Below are the guidelines for the photo.

  1. The photo/video needs to be of you (obviously)
  2. The photo/video needs to show your passion for NASCAR OR your favorite driver.
  3. We only want ONE photo/video but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative (like turning multiple photos into one photo).
  4. Although passion can sometimes create a certain shock value; we do ask that all photos/videos be appropriate in nature.
  5. Please note that your photo/video might be used in future BTF publications.
  6. All photos/video are due prior to June 1st, 2015

Where Do I Send My Photo or Video?

To enter our “NASCAR’s Greatest Fan” contest you will have to submit a photo showing your passion and dedication to the sport of NASCAR or your favorite driver. You can submit this photo any of the following ways:

  • Facebook – Message us your photo on our official Beyond The Flag Facebook page.
  • Twitter – Tweet us your photo @Beyond_The_Flag
  • Email – Send us your photo at

Please note that if you simply comment on the article line on Facebook we will not accept that submission. In order for your photo submission to be accepted you must send it to us one of the three ways listed above.

What Happens If I Win?

The deadline to submit photos/videos is June 1st, 2015. After that the staff here at BTF will spend a few days going through the submissions and selecting the best ones. At that point we will select two fan photos for each drivers as well as the five best photos overall. Those photos/videos will then be put to a fan vote in order to determine who the winners are.

In the end we hope to name the greatest fan for every NASCAR driver as well as the greatest NASCAR fan.

The one who is deemed to be the greatest NASCAR fan will not only receive the awesome honor of having that title but they will also receive some pretty cool stuff from Beyond The Flag.

Are You Your Favorite Drivers Biggest Fan?

Each driver has a nation and every nation should have a leader. Are you the leader of your favorite drivers nation? If you think that you are than you should probably submit your photo or video ASAP.

Passion and dedication deserve to be appreciated and celebrated.

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