Five Changes NASCAR Needs To Make Right Now

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Fix The Schedule

The NASCAR schedule has always been an interesting debate however despite that debate it has never truly been overhauled in the way that it needs to be. If NASCAR were to really look at their schedule and make some changes it would do wonders for the sport.

The biggest thing that NASCAR needs to do in regards to the schedule is they need to only go to intermediate tracks (except Charlotte) once. Take a race away from Texas and put it at Iowa. Take a race away from Kansas and put it at Mid-Ohio Motorsports Park. Take a race away from Michigan and put it at the Milwaukee Mile. The competition will be great and the audience will come and grow.

There are actually a handful of tracks that NASCAR should add to their Sprint Cup Series schedule. While adding some of these tracks would not be an overnight move, it would be something that would greatly benefit the sport across the board.