Five Changes NASCAR Needs To Make Right Now

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John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Eliminate Sprint Cup Series Owners In Xfinity Series

If you watch an Xfinity race, you will see the Team Penske car, Joe Gibbs Racing cars, the Roush Fenway cars and the JR (be realistic Hendrick) Motorsports car. More often than not, those cars make up most of the top-10. Let’s truly make this the series it should be. Equal competition between equal teams.

I am not saying that Sprint Cup Series drivers shouldn’t be allowed to drive in the Xfinity Series. After all, having some of those drivers in that race is what attracts sponsors and fans.

What I am saying though is that the owners in the Xfinity Series should be just Xfinity Series owners. If that means that there are a bunch of small teams every week than so be it. Let those small teams reach out to some of the bigger drivers and sign them for short race deals. The majority of the Sprint Cup drivers who drive in the Xfinity Series aren’t doing it to make a living, so pay shouldn’t be an issue (obviously they want to make money but most are making more than enough in Cup).

Having a bunch of drivers driving the same quality equipment would make the series more even and would make the races more exciting. Heck, the Sprint Cup drivers might even view it as more of a challenge. Watching Joey Logano lead every single lap in an Xfinity Series race is not good for the product.