Five Changes NASCAR Needs To Make Right Now

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Change Medical Procedures

This isn’t a change that will do anything for the fans or the ratings but it’s still something that NASCAR should consider doing for the safety of their drivers.

NASCAR needs to have a dedicated team of physicians, paramedics, nurses, firefighters, etc. that are full-time series employees and who would travel week-to-week. This is similar to the Holmatro Safety Team in IndyCar. This team can then have intimate knowledge of each driver’s medical history, would be trained on specific injuries that are common and would be a familiar face to participants in the event of an incident.

Obviously this would be a cost to the sport but it would be a cost well spent. If NASCAR were to do this it would provide just another step of safety for their drivers, crew, employees. At the end of the day NASCAR should want to do everything in their power to keep everyone safe and this is certainly another way to accomplish that.