Five Changes NASCAR Needs To Make Right Now

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Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Get Rid Of The “Official” Sponsors

Let’s preface this by saying that it will never happen in a million years although it does make perfect sense.

NASCAR needs to get rid of their “official sponsors of this” and their “official sponsors of that” because those sponsor dollars are better spent elsewhere, elsewhere being on the teams. SUNOCO is the official fuel of NASCAR and that is great. However, think of how great it would be if SUNOCO was the primary sponsor for a team. That new money could take a middle of the road team and possibly push them to the next level.

This is obviously one of those situations where it all comes down to money. NASCAR makes a lot of money off of these types of sponsors and let’s be honest, no company is going to turn away money. That being said, if all of these “official” sponsors were to reallocate their funds to the teams there is a great chance that you would see more competitive teams on the track. Besides, NASCAR beings in more than enough money from their TV deals and such that they are more than able to share the wealth for the betterment of the product.