Five Changes NASCAR Needs To Make Right Now

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Tweak The Chase

In an ever changing spot regarding format and competition I think the biggest change NASCAR needs to make is a modification to the Chase for the Sprint Cup format. Not being a huge fan of the chase myself, I understand the accommodation to appeal the series to a newer generation of fan but think the series has gone a little over board.

The change I would like to see NASCAR is very minute, but I think carrying the points over in every elimination round between the eligible drivers would give the chase a little more credit.

Think about it, If a driver is able to win the first race of an elimination round, already qualifying him for the next round, what is the point of him competing in the next two events? What is the point of racing at a track like Talladega where you could be tied into a wreck that could injure you and cost you a championship? I know that is not the mentality any driver would carry but quite honestly if you’ve already won the first race why not run ten laps in the second of third race shut the car off and then watch from the pit box? Also if you have a teammate still eligible why not try and help him win as much as you can being already locked in? If this is the format NASCAR is going to roll with, having the points roll over from each round would really limit the amount of tampering that I think will start becoming a problem in the near future with races.