A Quality NASCAR Video Game Is Important For Future Fans

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Buy And Sell Your Team

NASCAR ’06 added to the idea with an immersive career mode by letting players buy and sell their teams. Wanted to make Hendrick Motorsports a five-car team? Go for it. Wanted to build an empire spanning the entirety of NASCAR competition? No problem.

A career mode that allows a player to buy and sell teams as well as sign new sponsors would be a lot more exciting now than it was 10 years ago. Let a player buy real life teams and make the changes they would like to see. For example, if there is an option to switch Joe Gibbs Racing from Toyota to Ford, then nothing should stop them. Or if they wanted to see Danica Patrick driving for Michael Waltrip then so be it.

One other thing that would help with the buying of the teams would be to allow the player to rename their organization and have their own company logo. It wouldn’t make sense to have a “Jones” running Hendrick Motorsports.