The Good, Bad & Ugly of The Autism Speaks 400 at Dover

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The Ugly:

Most if not all NASCAR fans, drivers, and community members are aware of the incident in New York last August in which driver Tony Stewart, driving a sprint car (not to be confused with a stock car as driven in the sprint cup series) struck and killed a driver who had walked out onto the racing surface under caution to confront Stewart.  That is the reason NASCAR (and many other serie) have made rules that mandate drivers in on track incidents stay in their car (unless the machine is on fire of course) until safety crews get to them and can safely escort them off track.  During Friday’s Camping World Truck Series race, however, driver Jennifer Jo Cobb disregarded this mandate and walked onto the racing surface to gesticulate at driver Tyler Reddick whom felt wronged her on track. While I am all for the heat-of-the-moment, in your face confrontations between drivers (hey like it or not it is part of the sport) that NASCAR is famous for- these confrontations should be relegated to in the garage area.  I can only hope that NASCAR harshly penalizes Cobb for “forgetting” you aren’t suppose to enter a racing surface and confront another driver before another ugly accident happens.

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