#ThrowbackThursday: Pocono Raceway


In honor of the #ThrowbackThursday tradition, the staff at Beyond The Flag will be partaking in a weekly series sharing their favorite motorsports memories in honor of the upcoming tracks on the racing schedule. Next up on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule is the tricky Pocono Raceway triangle, a track that holds a lot of history and a lot of personality. Below are some of the favorite moments in Pocono history.

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Joseph Shelton

Definitely the Joey Logano/Kevin Harvick confrontation in 2010. Keep in mind that Logano was in his sophomore season and was widely regarded as an unproven punk by fans and peers alike. Of course, given his physique he looks as intimidating as Beavis from Beavis & Butt-Head. Yet after he was dumped by Kevin Harvick he had the guts to pull up to him on pit road, get out of his car without his helmet, and face the No. 29 crew head-on.

Let’s keep in mind that Harvick is an intense individual. Of course, that’s akin to saying, “Water is wet.” Harvick has blown up in the past and isn’t above saying or acting in the moment, so if things got more heated there could have been a chance Logano could have been bent into all sorts of interesting shapes. But you have to give credit where credit is due, in that Logano showed that he wasn’t going to take that sort of guff. Respect for him grew tenfold that day.

Clayton Caldwell

2000: (Jeremy) Mayfield intimidated The Intimidator (Dale Earnhardt Sr.)!

Amy K. Marbach

Easy one for me: 2009 when Stewart wins his first points paying race as an owner/driver! It was a needle in the side of the naysayers who thought the All-Star win was a fluke! It made them think that maybe, just maybe he wasn’t as crazy to leave Joe Gibbs Racing as initially thought.

John Harlow

My favorite Pocono memory came in the infield. One year there was a bonfire in between a Chevy Vega and a Ford Pinto that were chained at the axle to see who would win. Needless to say the Vega pulled the Pinto into the Bonfire and it blew up.

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Mike Hutton

I too have to go with Stewart’s 2009 win – his first as an owner/driver.

Cole Mentzel

My favorite was Jeff Gordon’s 86th win in 2012. Gordon was in fifth until Jimmie Johnson caused a four-car wreck ahead. Gordon passed all four to take the lead and shortly after the race was stopped due to rain. They eventually just cut it short and Jeff got the win! One of my best NASCAR memories!

Marco Venosta

I will also go for the Mayfield/Earnhardt story. That was awesome.

Be sure to comment and weigh in below on what your favorite Pocono memory is.

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