NASCAR: Are Dueling Agendas An Impossible Balancing Act?

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As the sun sets on this analysis, where then, does this leave us?

Looking at each group’s motives, the common ground is this: The product on the race track has to be king.  Putting on a good show for the fans is what everyone is here for.  You do that by lifting constraints to horsepower and aero-dependency. You allow brilliant minds to innovate, and when they invent a better mousetrap, you don’t outlaw their accomplishments or socialize their ideas throughout the garage. You don’t sanction drivers for opening their mouths or settling disagreements after a race. You don’t allow TV to dictate start times. You enable fans to consume the sport with today’s technology. You encourage brand identity. You need to attract and keep delicate attention spans from beginning to end.

This is going to take a lot of ego-checking at the door, humble pie and concessions from everyone. It isn’t going to get better until this happens.

Good luck!

What do you see as the pros and cons of different agendas within our sport?  Do you agree or disagree with the suggestions given?  Why or why not?Discuss below!

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