NASCAR: Who Had The Best And Worst Week Ever (Michigan)

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Better Week – Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Had things shook out a little bit differently on the final restart of the race on Sunday Dale Earnhardt Jr. might have ended up getting his second win of the 2015 season.

On that final restart Earnhardt Jr. did not have the line that he wanted and as a result was not able to get around Kurt Busch despite having the better car of the two. Had Earnhardt Jr. been able to get around Busch, he would have been the one in the position to be leading the race when the rain came for the final time.

In the end though things still worked out for Earnhardt Jr. as he came away with a second-place finish. Earnhardt Jr. already has a win in the bank and a spot in the chase pretty much secured. The next 11 races the No. 88 team is going to be looking for wins to further their seeding once the chase begins in September. On Sunday they were almost able to do so.