NASCAR: Who Had The Best And Worst Week Ever (Michigan)

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Worst Week Ever – Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson did everything right on Sunday and he nearly won his first Sprint Cup Series race as a result of it. However, in the end Larson just missed having the best week ever and he is left with having the worst week ever.

Larson and the No. 42 team knew that the rain was coming in the Quicken Loans 400. Larson and his team knew that the storm cell was less than three miles away from the track. Larson and his team knew if the cell hit when it was supposed to that they would be leading the race if they decided to stay out and not pit. Everything worked out except for the fact that the cell hit three laps later than anticipated and Larson finished 17th and not 1st.

The gamble was a good one for the team but the result is heartbreaking. Larson is already on the outside of the chase looking in and he not only missed the chance to win on Sunday but he also passed up on a potential top-10 while gambling on the win. For Larson and company this past week was certainly the worst week ever.