Could Red Bull Find Another Engine Supplier By 2017


Lately, as we all know, formula one racing has been rocked by many rumors about how the future of the sport is run when the next option is open in 2017. True, it might be less than two seasons away, but one of the items that have and could be mentioned has probably not been talked about yet.

And what is this? What can possibly be rumored about after all what has been happening? It is and has been the main story of the whole year.

Back at the start of the season, Red Bull Racing, who have the French manufacturer Renault as their engine supplier, realized that something was wrong with them. The engine was powerless and the Austrian team which is based in England, began to throw the blame on their pals from the Paris suburb of Viry-Chatillion. It got to the point where considering their contract would end at the conclusion of 2016, might not even last this long. Renault bolstered that in the success of the team with Sebastian Vettel, which lasted from 2010 to 2013, was publicized and although Red Bull, the popular drinks manufacturer received tons of money as well as publicity, their French amis did not get hardly anything. The exception came in France with the Renault commercials, which were thrown all over French television, but nowhere else. The idea of ignoring the individuals that gave the victories to the team became nonexistent.

Although Renault remained calm and with rumors that they would perhaps begin a works team in 2017, they realized that they needed to improve their engines, and the idea of works team involvement had to be shelved. But for Red Bull, comments came out about Renault from the team manager, to the chairman, to the president and finally to the mechanics and the drivers. It left the Francophiles with nothing but the chance to prove them wrong.

Now that the consideration of Honda, supplying another team next season could go to Manor, who just barely entered F1 at the last moment. If this is true, there might be a possibility for Red Bull to get their chance. From where?? Believe it or not, it could come from Ferrari of all teams.

Ferrari is supplying three teams this season: Ferrari, Sauber and Manor. The highest engine manufacturer at the moment is Mercedes-Benz, who have Mercedes, Williams, Force India and Lotus. That is a crowded group of teams that the German giant could not go any further with engine orders. Renault, only has the two Red Bull teams, while lonely Honda, in their first season, only supplies McLaren.

With the American Haas team using Ferrari engines next season, the team if Manor remained with their engines currently would have four teams to supply. However, if Manor does go to Honda next year, and perhaps become McLaren’s B team, in which Haas could be to Ferrari, then Red Bull might have a chance to get the engines and forget about their involvement with their French supplier.

It could be a blow to the Renault company, but Carlos Ghosn was at Monaco, and it seems that he might want to have the company work as a single unit rather than have to hear the moans and groans of the team that currently are not spreading their wings too good at the moment.