NASCAR: Five Bold Predictions For The Rest Of The Season

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmie Johnson and the No. 48 team will cross the threshold for written warnings.

Under the new NASCAR rules if a driver or team receives six written warnings in a six-month span they will be subject to a P2 penalty from NASACR. Johnson and the No. 48 team already have four written warnings this season and just by playing the odds it seems as though they will easily accumulate two more in the next couple of months.

While I’m willing to lay odds that they will reach their sixth written warning, I am not willing to lay odds that they will actually receive a P2 penalty from NASCAR.

NASCAR has been less than stellar in 2015 when it comes to handing out penalties and making the penalties that they have handed out a worth punishment. One would have to assume that if the No. 48 team were to receive a possible P2 penalty that they would appeal the decision. From there anything can happen when it comes to the appeals process. So, while I’m confident there are more written warnings in the future for Johnson and company, I’m not so confident that it will result in penalties.