NASCAR: Five Bold Predictions For The Rest Of The Season

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

75 percent of the final four will be Team Hendrick.

All four Team Hedrick cars will make the chase and they will all do so via winning. That means that Kasey Kahne and Jeff Gordon will find a way to each win a race in the next 11 events.

Despite all four Team Hendrick cars making the chase, only three of them will advance to Miami with a chance to win the title. Gordon will make the final four and he will be joined by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson. Kahne will not fall flat in the chase but he also will not have enough juice in him to make it to the end.

Johnson has been running lights out this season with his four wins so it’s not hard to see him in the chase. Gordon is a win away from righting the ship on the No. 24 team and that win could easily come this weekend in Sonoma or next weekend in Daytona. Earnhardt Jr. is already in the chase via a win and his new engagement will have him riding cloud 9 all the way to the final four.

Johnson, Gordon and Earnhardt Jr. each came into 2015 as potential championship favorites and with the exception of Gordon each has lived up to that thus far. If Gordon wins a race before the chase there is no reason not to believe that these three cannot find their way to the final four.