NASCAR: FanVision Bolt Will Revolutionize Fan Experience

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports /
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports /

Over the last 15 years some NASCAR fans will argue that watching races at home is where the best experience is to be had. The new FanVision Bolt is going to sway that argument in the other direction.

We have all heard the argument for why it’s better to watch the race at home and we all know someone who makes that argument every single time. Said person will talk about how they can hear the commentary, see all of the video replays, get live stats and audio and so on and so forth. While many might not agree with the ‘watch from home’ crowd, they do have a few valid points.

However, the FanVision Bolt is going to pretty much make the points of the ‘watch from home’ crowd invalid.

The FanVision Bolt is new technology created by FanVision Entertainment. The Bolt is going to completely revolutionize the fan experience in 2016 for NASCAR fans attending the tracks. The Bolt is a mobile accessory that provides up-to-the second statistics, live video, replays and more for NASCAR fans. Moreover, it also simultaneously functions as a phone charger, enhancing the in-venue experience for fans.

One of the biggest issues for NASCAR fans attending races in 2015 was the lack of WiFi coverage and cell reception at tracks and the never-ending task of keeping cell phones charged. The FanVision Bolt takes care of both of those issues will providing fans with an abundance live stats, audio and videos.

BTF recently had the opportunity to speak with Bruce Silver (President of Motorsports for FanVision ) and Andrew Daines (CEO of FanVision Entertainment) about the new FanVision Bolt.

"The vision of FanVision is to enhance the fan experience through technology. We know that fans are there to see the and so often you’re far away from the action and FanVision has always done a great job of getting you the content that you need so you always know what’s going on.When we went to build FanVision Bolt we saw that new problems had cropped up (since the building of FanVision) like shorter battery life. One thing people don’t realize is that your battery drains faster at a sporting event than normally because your phone is constantly searching because there are a bunch of different towers.Our goal is to always enhance the fan experience through technology and we are now doing that through content and alieving some of that battery life anxiety."

The FanVision Bolt will be debuting at the Dayton 500 and it could be popping up at many more tracks during the 2016 season. FanVision has offered the Bolt to all of the tracks if they wish to have it for the fans. FanVision has also said they will have a more definite schedule for the availability of the Bolt following the Daytona 500.

If you’re going to be at the Daytona 500 this season fans will have the opportunity to test out the Bolt. FanVision will have special kiosks set up at the track where a limited amount of Bolts will be available for fans in attendance to use.

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The addition of the FanVision Bolt to the 2016 NASCAR season is sure to make the experience at the track better for fans. NASCAR already offers a truly one-of-a-kind fan experience as compared to some of the other major sports and the Bolt is just going to add to that experience.

Be sure to check out in the coming weeks to get updates on the availability of the Bolt during the 2016 NASCAR season. You can also find all of the information on renting, buying and activating the FanVision Bolt before you head to the tracks in 2016.