How NASCAR Should Revamp The Xfinity Series

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Some think the NASCAR Xfinity Series isn’t broken. Not only is it broken but it needs to be fixed and there is a way to do it quickly.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series needs a fixing, plain and simple. The series that is supposed to be highlighting some of the best up and coming talent in NASCAR has become the Kyle Busch show and while that’s great for his fans, it’s not great for NASCAR.

Add Segments To The Races

The first change that needs to be made to the NASCAR Xfinity Series is the races themselves. With Kyle Busch’s 776 laps led this season, it should be a no-brainer that NASCAR should put each race into rounds. This would not only bunch the cars back up every once in a while and allow other drivers to find a winning setup on pit road, it also ends the lengthy green flag runs that have become common place in the Xfinity Series.

This can be done in two ways. NASCAR can do a caution clock, which will unfortunately catch a lot of flack for being an unconventional method to make things exciting, but it will also allow for the timed breaks that these other teams need in order to work on their cars and get them in a better place to compete against Kyle Busch and the rest of the Sprint Cup competitors

Then there are segments. NASCAR fans might like method a little bit better, especially since it resembles the way that racing was done back in the 60’s, 70’s and even sometimes today. The Xfinity Series could even do a little halftime show to give drivers and crews a chance to discuss the car in detail and make changes as needed.

The segments, like the caution clock, will also bunch up the field every couple of laps and allow for lesser known drivers to take their adjustments and battle the leaders for the win. This might not work all the time, but it will at least force Kyle Busch and other Sprint Cup regulars to hold off a field off hungry competitors a couple more times a race.

Handicap Cup Drivers

As for another way to level the playing field, NASCAR needs to not allow Cup drivers to qualify for the Xfinity Series races. This not only allows for Xfinity Series drivers a chance to lead the race and gain valuable experience upfront, it also forces the Cup drivers to fight for every position on the track and work their way up to the lead. Although this may seem like a bit of handicapping on the part of NASCAR officials, it would certainly work to eliminate run away Cup leaders and force them into difficult situations back in the pack.

Punish Cup Drivers For Going Too Far

Then there’s penalties. Although I think every driver should get their fair share of warnings before anything major takes place, I also believe that The Cup drivers should know better when it comes to things like speeding penalties, aggressive driving penalties and penalties for failing post race inspection. With that being said, NASCAR should have a rule that three such infractions will make a cup driver ineligible to compete in The Xfinity Series for up to a month.

Reward The Actual Xfinity Drivers

Finally, NASCAR needs to reward the highest finishing Xfinity driver with a spot in The Xfinity Series’ version of the Chase. While a move like that might cause a little fan backlash, especially with the emphasis that should be put on winning a race to win the championship, NASCAR has failed to put their Xfinity Series drivers in a situation where they can effectively accomplish that and changes need to be made to rectify that situation.

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While there are admittedly  several barriers that stand in NASCAR’s way of accomplishing a revamp of The Xfinity Series, especially with sponsors reliance on Cup drivers to fill big time rides for Xfinity Series teams, NASCAR has made changes to other aspects of racing in the past and very well could do it again if the situation becomes dire.