Talladega Superspeedway Web Gems

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Once again it’s time for some web gems and these will have a Talladega Superspeedway flavor to them.

Ah, Talladega, Alabama…home to the largest oval track on the NASCAR circuit. The 2.67-mile superspeedway hosts two Cup Series races each season, and if you’ve never been to the track, then you have heard the stories of what really happens at the party capital of stock car racing.

Of course, where there is crazy racing and crazy fans, there are crazy videos to go with it. Just a simple search on YouTube, or through your social media feed this weekend, will generate a variety of stories about the fans in the infield, and the drivers on the track. From big crashes to interesting outfits, Talladega never fails to entertain.

So what are some of the best videos that Talladega has brought us over the years? Well, you’ve got to include some big wrecks, some close finishes, and even some old faces in familiar places doing things that will just make you laugh. Here are your top five Talladega Superspeedway web gems.

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