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Hollywood Meets NASCAR

For non-racing fans, their first impressions of the sport may come from Hollywood. The popular movie Talladega Nights starring Will Ferrell followed driver Ricky Bobby in his battle from last to first, from out to back in. After all, if you ain’t first…you’re last.

While some NASCAR fans may deride the film for depicting drivers, crew members, and teams as unintelligent, under-educated, and plain crazy, others may enjoy the satire it provides on the sport itself. After all, any film that can poke fun at NASCAR on NBC’s use of commercials during a race previously in their coverage certainly understood the pain of fans at the time. There were also parodies of many of the television and commercial spots that drivers may do to endorse a product or fulfill a services agreement.

With Talladega set as the thrilling conclusion of the movie, we include in our web gems a reel of bloopers from the ever-popular film Talladega Nights.

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