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The Biggest Talladega Crash…Ever?

While previously mentioned in our Easter Weekend web gems for the break, it’s always worth mentioning one of the largest crashes at a track when we return there for another big race. The 2002 Aaron’s 312 has the dubious honor of having one of the largest wrecks in modern NASCAR history in the former Busch, now Xfinity Series.

The crash occurred on the Talladega backstretch, and ended up collecting a total of thirty cars. The incident began with contact with Shane Hmiel and Scott Riggs, and exploded from there. NASCAR would display the red flag to clean up the incident, as the number of cars involved virtually blocked the entire track at one point. It would take nearly 40 minutes to clean it all up.

The race was seen back in the day on local FOX affiliates, with Mike Joy, Larry McReynolds, and Darrell Waltrip on the call. Listen as they try and talk through one of the biggest messes in NASCAR to this day (outside of this jet fueled one).

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