NASCAR: Five Takeaways From The GEICO 500 At Talladega

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NASCAR recently changed the ruling on lug nuts. Was it a success at Talladega?
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4. New Rule on Lug Nuts Is a Success…So Far

There’s been a lot going on in NASCAR recently when it comes to lug nuts. Talladega though, is the first track where if a team was caught using only 4 lug nuts on a tire instead of five, the crew chief would face a heavy penalty.

So far the new ruling on lug nuts has been a success. No teams were caught violating the new rule and drivers didn’t have the same loose wheel issues that they had in previous races. If, for some reason, the ruling wasn’t changed before Talladega, drivers could have been in even more danger than they normally face at this type of track.

Will teams continue to follow this new rule as the season continues? We’ll have to find out, but as far as Talladega goes the improved lug nut rule was a success.

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