NASCAR: Five Takeaways From The GEICO 500 At Talladega

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2. A New Type of Restrictor-Plate Racing

Over the last several seasons we’ve seen restrictor-plate racing change.

First it was bump drafting, where drivers would pair up, touching nose-to-tail throughout the race to try and take advantage of the air that would come off the car in front and make both cars move around the track faster.

Then we saw a change to a more pack-like mentality where drivers would form big single file lines. This often caused a driver who was not in the line to get stuck our and moved to the back of the field.

Now we’re seeing three wide throughout the race and a single driver up front trying to block each line as they all move around the track.

Restrictor-Plate racing has changed over the last season and continues to grow into something more exciting and dangerous. Even though it makes for a more interesting race when drivers race three-by-three or four-by-four, its led to more wrecks and drivers hitting the wall hard as they make their way around the track.

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