NASCAR: Kurt Busch’s Ex-Girlfriend Bashes His Fans On Twitter

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Patricia Driscoll (NASCAR driver Kurt Busch’s ex-girlfriend) recently took to Twitter to take a shot at Kurt Nation.

It has been a while since the name Patricia Driscoll has floated around NASCAR circles. Driscoll used to date former NASCAR champion Kurt Busch prior to the alleged domestic dispute between the two of them. The domestic allegations satisfied a family judge which awarded Driscoll and order of protection but charges were ultimately never brought against Busch in the end due to a lack of evidence.

Following the Busch ordeal Driscoll popped up in the news again when there were claims that she was taking money from veterans. According to an ESPN “Outside the Lines” investigation, the FBI and Internal Revenue Service investigated Driscoll regarding possible misappropriation of money from a charitable foundation that she oversaw. According to multiple reports Driscoll was using funds from the foundation for her personal use. Some of those alleged personal uses include legal fees for a child-custody case involving her young son, vacations to Paris and Morocco, as well as paying off her personal credit card bill and expenses accrued by Frontline Defense Systems, Driscoll’s private security company.

Since Driscoll resigned as executive director of the Armed Forces Foundation on June 14, 2015, there has not been a lot of buzz around here. Busch appears to have moved in with his life and his career and it seemed as though Driscoll had as well. That was until a recent post on Twitter directed towards Busch’s fans by Driscoll.

While we aren’t exactly sure what the Busch fans did to get such a response out of Driscoll, one would have to assume that it wasn’t enough to warrant the label of psycho.

In the age of social media it’s a story of the intelligent and the less than intelligent. It’s not a stretch to believe that there are probably some hecklers out there taking shots at Driscoll on social media. It’s also not a stretch to believe that some of those folks might be fans of Kurt Busch. However, the great thing about Twitter is that you can block such folks and you’ll never have to hear from them again.

The goal of the less than intelligent on social media is to get a reaction out of the person they are targeting. In this case it would seem people wanted to get a reaction out of Driscoll. Instead of taking the intelligent route (hitting the block button and moving on) she pandered to those who didn’t deserve to be pandered to and took a shot at an entire group of fans in the process.

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I’m sure in the aftermath of the Driscoll/Busch saga (or even during) there were plenty of Driscoll supporters tweeting angry things at Busch. Last time that I checked he wasn’t out there calling her supporters psycho or anything along those lines. Sometimes in life you need to think before you press tweet and this appears to have been another one of those times where thought did not come into play as much as it should have.