Top-Five NASCAR TV Announcers of All-Time

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With a television history spanning over fifty years, there are plenty of great NASCAR announcers. Here are some of the best.

For many fans of racing around the world, the best connection they have to the action on the track is from the announcers in the booth calling the races on television. And with NASCAR’s deep history on TV, there have been many legendary play-by-play men who have told the story of the stock car races.

From the early days of the Wide World of Sports and the CBS Sports Spectacular, to today where every nationally touring series is televised, the last half-century has seen some of the greatest sportscasters of all-time participated in NASCAR on TV. Without these great voices of the sports world, NASCAR and motorsports as a whole would not be where it is today.

Much of motorsports has benefited from expanded television exposure, starting with the Indy 500 and Daytona 500, that has welcome in new fans and added new revenue streams. But the guides of this coverage have always been the announcers, leading the charge for their networks and their sports.

Here are some of the top NASCAR TV announcers of all-time.

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