Top-Five NASCAR TV Announcers of All-Time

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  1. Eli Gold

One of the oldest voices of NASCAR is also one of the most recognizable. Eli Gold is one of the few announcers for stock car racing that has been both on television and radio, and to this day continues to be a force in the auto racing universe, continuing his work with MRN Radio.

Gold may be most memorable for his work on MRN beginning in the 1970s, but he also worked on many television broadcasts for NASCAR. In addition to stints with ESPN, CBS, NBC, and SETN, he was the premier voice of the sport on The Nashville Network (TNN). Quickly, his abilities would continue to expand outside of NASCAR, into football with radio duties for the Alabama Crimson Tide and TV coverage of the Arena Football League.

What sets Eli Gold apart from so many other announcers, both in racing and outside, is his distinct voice and energy put into his calls. While many nowadays will quickly associate him with the big name calls of Alabama games, those in racing circles will continue to praise Gold for his work over the last forty years in stock car racing.

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