Top-Five NASCAR TV Announcers of All-Time

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  1. Mike Joy

Today’s most popular and most positively received NASCAR announcer is easily the steady hand at Fox Sports, Mike Joy. He holds the record for the most Daytona 500s that he has covered, with 35 in all combining radio and television. And he looks to sit on top of the motorsport broadcasting world for the near future.

Joy began his time on television in 1981 with one race for ESPN, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution 500. He then moved to CBS in 1983 to become a pit reporter, and stayed with the network through the end of their NASCAR coverage in 2000. Over that time, his stock continued to rise in the sport, as he would replace Ken Squier as the play-by-play man in 1998, when he would call Dale Earnhardt’s lone Daytona 500 win. There was no stopping him from there.

Beyond CBS, Mike Joy worked for TBS and TNN over the 1990s, before joining Fox Sports in 2001 full-time as their NASCAR play-by-play man. Today, he is held in high regard by most NASCAR fans is his commitment to excellence, willingness to engage the fans, and the ability to communicate unique stories and facts as part of his race story.

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