Top-Five NASCAR TV Announcers of All-Time

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  1. Ken Squier

No matter what any announcer has done over the time of NASCAR’s broadcasts, or the countless changes and innovations that have come in the world of television, nothing will be a greater pair than Ken Squier and NASCAR. The man who helped bring a full race to air on broadcast television, would be the most important TV personality in the history of the sport.

If it were not for Ken Squier welcoming a new audience into the world of auto racing in 1979 for the first flag-to-flag broadcast of the Great American Race, who knows where the world of racing would be today. To this day, that broadcast by CBS Sports remains one of the best races ever covered on television, as Squier told a near perfect story of the race as it unfolded. And that story continued for decades after.

Of course, there were many factors that led to the success of that first for NASCAR. Combine an east coast snowstorm with many less channels than we have today, and it makes sense that the first full race did so well. But if a less than capable lead announcer replaced Squier, would success have been so assured? Thankfully, there is no need to debate that, as Ken Squier is NASCAR Hall of Fame material.

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