NASCAR: SPY To Introduce New Dale Jr. Wrangler Sunglasses at All-Star Race


SPY Optic is introducing a new version of their Dale Jr Signature 88 Collection sunglasses in Charlotte at the NASCAR All Star Race.

For nearly a decade now SPY optics has been offering their Dale Jr Signature 88 line of eyewear with a variety of styles to choose from. On May 20th they will unveil the new style with glasses for sale at Charlotte Motor Speedway during NASCAR All Star Weekend and Coke Cola 600 weekend as well. The Wrangler Dega is going to be a tribute to the Wrangler Chevrolet that Jr. drove to victory in 2010 at Daytona.

That color scheme and sponsor package holds a special place in the Earnhardt history with Dale Earnhardt Sr. having won the Winston Cup Championship in 1986 and 1987 driving that iconic car for Richard Childress. The car Dale Jr drove to victory in the then Nationwide Series was put together with Richard Childress and was a tribute to the seven time champion.

There had been speculation about what would become of the famous number 3 ever since the untimely passing of Dale Sr.. That race closed the chapter of an Earnhardt driving the 3 and really allowed for Richard Childress to bring the number back to the Sprint Cup series. It was an emotional victory lane for many seeing that Wrangler #3 in victory lane at Daytona with an Earnhardt at the wheel.

The car itself was prominently on display at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte where it belonged with other great cars in NASCAR history. In an age where color schemes and sponsors change from week to week, you knew exactly what that car was as soon as you saw it. As a kid I remember building a model of the Wrangler car Dale Sr. drove and was excited to see it hit the track again in 2010.

That brings us to All Star weekend and SPY Eyewear recognizing the history of the Wrangler color scheme not just in Dale Jr’s past but all of NASCAR. The iconic yellow and blue colors with the Wrangler name on them will make you stand out in a crowd. A perfect gift for any Earnhardt fan, Junior or Senior, to remember the history of one of the greatest racing families in NASCAR history.

I have to be honest, looking at the entire line of SPY Dale Jr Signature 88 Sunglasses I was quiet impressed that they are not as outlandish as many other signature lines. Their Mt Dew glasses are really unique in that the glowing green and white is on the inside of the arms leaving your choice of frame colors shaped with SPY’s unique design. Also on the inside of the arms of the glasses there is Dale Jr’s signature with his 88 matching the scheme of the glasses.

Going through their website and seeing all the color potions available for most of their models, there is something for everyone. Even a set of signature cameo in the Admiral, Dega and Dirty Mo lines for the outdoorsman. With several lens and frame combinations to choose from, the prices range from $85 up to $250.

Having shrouded the design in secrecy for weeks, they release the first images of the highly anticipated design. They will have them at Charlotte Motor Speedway beginning on May 21st through the 29th for people to see and buy on site. This will be the only time they will be available at a physical location. They are only going to produce a limited run of the Wrangler glasses, so don’t miss your opportunity. For those who can’t make it to Charlotte, you will still be able to order them on line for a limited time.

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I reached out to SPY to ask if people did not like the glasses after they received them what could they do. I am not the kind of person who buys sight unseen. SPY is offering a two week happiness guarantee return policy where SPY will pay for the shipping back. Apparently they have this return policy with all of their new Happy Lens Technology glasses. Thant makes it a bit easier to shell out the $165 for the Wrangler Dega sunglasses without knowing whether I would like them or not.

It is really not like me to write about a signature line of apparel, but I had a chance to get a peek at the glasses and thought it was very cool. My wife even asked if I wanted a pair, that is not like her at all! So keep your eye one SPY’s site on the 20th if you want to see what ll the fuss its about. If you are there at the track for the All Star race check them out and see what you think.