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The Pass in the Grass

While this all-star moment did not happen in Charlotte, the pass in the grass has become one of those moments synonymous with great racing, NASCAR, and the legendary Dale Earnhardt. The Winston, the previous name for the current all-star race, was the event, and its host was Atlanta Motor Speedway.

While battling with a fellow NASCAR legend, Dale Earnhardt would pull off on of the most signature moves in all-star history. With no room left, the driver of the #3 Wrangler Chevy drove through the grass to pass the #9 Coors Ford of Bill Elliott. While it was done in the backyard of “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville”, many fans watching on television and at the track were excited by the move.

The move has not been successfully completed since, and likely never will be again. After all, no one could be as legendary as Dale Earnhardt.

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